ONA POKÉ BLEICHERWEG The Ultimate Fish Dish!

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4.5 Sterne aus 89 Bewertungen
6 Mär 2021 um 8:17 Sehr lieblos zubereitet.
3 Mär 2021 um 23:10 Wakame Topping hat in beiden Bowls gefehlt :(
3 Mär 2021 um 12:56 There was no spicy Mayonnaise in my Sanolo Panic bowl... Also my bowl was delivered to the wrong address...
25 Feb 2021 um 21:24 Some of the tuna had an unpleasant fishy taste and did not seem fresh, and the rice had a texture like plastic. Will not order again.
18 Feb 2021 um 22:41 Forgot to include the sweet soya sauce and did not read my note regarding the pomegranate. Food was fresh, but definitely not impressed by the service and by my order considering the price.
5 Feb 2021 um 13:45 Alles perfekt